Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8 is here!

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Ken Block Gymkhana 8 Fiesta

We’ve been counting down the days until Ken Block and the Hoonigan squad released the latest edition of the ever-popular Gymkhana series and it definitely doesn’t disappoint!


Gymkhana 8 sees Block and his 650hp AWD Ford Fiesta take to the streets of the playboy’s paradise of Dubai leaving a ton of tyre smoke in his wake. As if the scenery in Dubai wasn’t enough to look at he also added a bonkers reflective pain scheme to the Fez for even more attention. Notice how different the livery looks below vs the image at the top. It even glows in the dark, because why not?


Ken Block Gymkhana 8 Paint Scheme


The cinematography in this edition is top-notch and the stunts are just as mad. Because we’re not the kind of people to give the game away there’s no spoilers. Grab a cuppa / Monster sit back and relax as The Hoonigan goes to work…



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