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With more vehicles on the road than ever before there is an ever greater demand for affordable parts. In light of this it’s no surprise that there has been a great rise in demand for replica parts in the UK which are often poor quality or expensive to source. As UK leading vehicle recyclers we see the value in going green instead and choosing recycled parts as an affordable parts solution. Green parts have been around since the birth of motor vehicles yet remain one of the industry’s biggest secrets.


“Why should I choose green parts?”


First and foremost price is key. Going green can save you up to 90% vs the cost of buying the equivalent part new. The second reason to choose is build quality. Choosing recycled Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts delivers you original parts that have undergone stringent testing to ensure that the quality of product is the highest that can be achieved. This contrasts some of the mass produced poorly tested replica products that are currently flooding the market.


“What about peace of mind and warranty?”


Warranty periods of up to one year are available on the vast majority of parts ranging from engines to starter motors and gearboxes to headlights. As a result green parts are sure to result in peace of mind for the buyer.


Our view on green parts


We recycle over 100,000 vehicles annually across all of our sites and have 25,000+ green parts on the shelf. Our operation was born in 1926 and has been a key player in the growth of green parts. Due to the sheer volume of vehicles recycled annually parts for all makes and models are catered for.  Whether you need parts for a Vauxhall or a Volkswagen , or Ford or Ferrari we can help. The cost savings are enormous compared to buying new parts and we truly believe that with increased demand and legislation changes green parts will become the go-to choice for all. After all, why buy new when recycled will do?


Join the revolution in green parts today!


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