Here’s everything you need to scrap your car with us

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Scrap your car


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As one of the UK’s largest vehicle recycling companies we process 30,000 unwanted, end of life or MOT failure vehicles for scrap every year. We have 90 years’ experience delivering a quality service and pay the best prices for your scrap car. We can collect your vehicle if you are in our expansive catchment area or you can choose to drop off at our Rugby or Poole sites if it is more convenient. It’s safe to say if you are looking to scrap your car you’ve come to the right place.

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What We Do With Your Scrap Car

When we purchase your unwanted car our team will assess how it is best fit for purpose. If it still runs and we believe it has more miles to go it will be sold through our salvage platform. Otherwise, the car will enter our recycling process where it will be de-polluted, decontaminated and dismantled with any suitable parts removed and placed for sale on our store. Finally, it will be crushed into a cube and make its way further up the metal recycling supply chain.


Scrap Car Requirements

To ensure that scrapping your car is stress-free and easy there are a number of requirements that have to be met. A number of these are legal requirements and not only provide peace of mind for us but also you that you are parting with your vehicle safely and most importantly within the letter of the law.

  • A form of photographic identification, either a driving license or passport
  • V5 for the vehicle. If this cannot be provided then we require a letter of authorisation giving us permission to uplift and dispose of the vehicle
  • The vehicle must be complete with no parts removed regardless of working condition. (Trim aerials and other minor parts being removed are fine). We will collect with no stereo but there may be a quote reduction depending on the vehicle
  • The car must be accessible for a transport vehicle the size of a bin lorry and free from obstructions if a winch is required to load (if the car starts and drives then this is not applicable).
  • The car must not be on a drive or in a garden if it does not start as we cannot expect driver to push vehicle onto road


Scrap Car Preferences

There are also a number of preferences that whilst not required make the lives of our drivers and administration team a lot easier (they thank you in advance). These include the following:

  • If location of your vehicle is difficult to find, directions for the driver could be required
  • If the location is tight but vehicle drives, please find a location nearby where one of our drivers can park and walk to the vehicle. Please note a vehicle cannot be held on a public highway without road tax (RFL)
  • A description of exactly what is wrong with the vehicle
  • Any access concerns e.g. low bridges, bridge weight limits, one way roads etc
  • If you change your mind for any reason after accepting a quote please let us know as soon as possible. If you change your mind and one of our fleet is sent to collect your vehicle you may be charged for a wasted journey


You are now armed with all of the information you will need to successfully get your car scrapped with us. If you need an instant quote for your vehicle click here. With Charles Trent collecting your car you’re in safe hands.