Why you should buy used car parts

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Used Car Parts


You need to replace a part and get your car back on the road. There’s two options – a replica panel costing £100, or a used (recycled) panel costing £40. Which one do you choose?


In many cases choosing a used part can be just as good as buying new. Here’s why you should consider choosing the recycled option next time you need a spare:



Buying parts can get expensive. It comes as a no-brainer to consider an option that leaves you with more money in your pocket. Choosing used parts can be up to 90% cheaper than purchasing the equivalent part new.



When you buy a used car part you are purchasing a spare from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) so you can be confident that fitment and specifications will be accurate. In addition to the OEM part quality many used parts undergo stringent quality control tests to ensure that the part is suitable for resale. Upon completion of quality testing parts are cleaned and prepared resulting in an option that is comparable to the new option.


Peace of mind

The majority of used part sellers (us included) issue a warranty and exchange options with parts sold to provide peace of mind. We offer a 1 year warranty with all parts we sell off the shelf ensuring that you get the same level of service and protection when buying used as you do new. If you have been supplied an incorrect part you will be able to exchange it with minimum fuss with many used part sellers.



Chances are if you need a part time is of the essence. You want the part you need as quickly as possible so your car can get fixed. Many parts; for vehicles two years or older or those from uncommon vehicles, need to be ordered direct through the manufacturer or main dealer. This can often mean that you are left waiting anywhere up to a month for the part that you desperately need.


Used parts, on the other hand, are often readily available right off the shelf or can be removed from a salvage yard yourself. Second hand part sellers hold stocks for all makes and models covering a wide range of ages which means you can get your hands on the parts you need fast.


We have 20,000+ used parts for all makes and models available off-the-shelf with next day delivery and Click & Collect options. All parts come with a 90 day warranty for peace of mind. Click here to shop our store or call our team of experts on 01202 724444. Have your vehicle registration and any part numbers handy (if you have them available) to ensure that our team can help you right away.


In addition to our off-the-shelf parts we also have nationwide PickAPart DIY yards. These yards are a modern twist on the traditional salvage yard. Each yard holds in excess of 200 vehicles aged 10 years or older that you can remove parts from for a fixed low price. Each of our yards is maintained to immaculate standards with no vehicle stacking to ensure we provide you a safe and enjoyable purchasing experience. Click here to see our PickAPart stocks.