Cement Truck 1 – BMW i8 0

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What do you get when you cross a BMW i8 and an out of control cement truck? This mess above. Reports coming out of Newport Beach California say a cement truck collided with a small pickup creating mayhem across multiple lanes of the highway. In result, the i8 was left in a state as the truck toppled to a halt.


Three people in total were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. One man was described as being in a critical state but is now showing signs of recovery.


The electric sports car received substantial damage with the front end being left unrecognisable. The other vehicles involved in the incident also showed signs of extensive damage throughout.


It’s an enormous relief that in-spite of the carnage created everybody involved escaped with their lives. Here’s to each of them making a speedy recovery.


We wonder how long it’ll be before people in California start digging around their local junkyards for some i8 parts (we’d take first dibs on the seats if we could!).


We don’t have an i8 in stock today (boo) but our yards are always chock-full of surprises. Have a look here to see what’s in Pick A Part today.


If the image of the wrecked i8 has scared you here is one in happier times to ease your mind.