#AutoEco – Week 2 | Tesla Model S

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a manufacturer that doesn’t have an environmental manufacturing  strategy in place to meet the various demands of the auto marketplace.


Some manufacturers are simply conducting research to meet legislation demands and to avoid financial penalties whereas others are providing technology and developments that are causing buyers and competitors to stand up and take notice. One such manufacturer is Tesla who has brought its revolutionary Model S to the marketplace. This car has single-handedly changed public perception of the capabilities and frankly raw power that an electric vehicle is capable of.


This week’s #AutoEco hour (running from 3-4pm GMT on Friday) shines a light on this California based company that is changing the game. With extensive coverage in the news this week regarding potential collaborative efforts with the likes of BMW and Nissan as well as a much deserved legal win in New Jersey it’s only fair that we join in and provide our unique #AutoEco view upon this development.

Tesla Model S


We want to know what you think of electric vehicles (EVs) including the Model S. Do you own one? Do you despise them? What is your thoughts on the technology in use at present?


Also, don’t forget we want to see your #AutoEco selfies! If you’ve got an eco focused vehicle on your forecourt, had a particularly economical journey or perhaps seen an EV share it with us. If you haven’t you can still send us a selfie of you taking the recycling out!


Below are our attempts:

#AutoEco selfie Trents

#AutoEco selfie Motorwise

We look forward to seeing you this Friday between 3 and 4pm for week two of #AutoEco. Don’t forget to shout about what you do and most importantly have some fun! To make sure you don’t miss out follow us and the Motorwise team now on Twitter.