#AutoEco – week 1 round-up

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Round-up of week 1: #AutoEco off to a roaring start


We began our joint networking hour #AutoEco with the fantastic team at Motorwise this past Friday. With our joint expertise in the vehicle recycling industry we are looking to develop the learning and understanding of eco issues affecting the automotive industry.
Our first #AutoEco hour focused upon introducing participants to one another and offering a platform for companies to shout about their current eco activities. Following on from this we opened the floor for debate surrounding Kia and Hyundai – key World Cup partners – and their eco engine technologies that are offered with a number of their models: EcoDynamics and Blue Drive technology respectively.
#AutoEco Kia infographic #AutoEco Hyundai infographic
With many topics and conversations starting throughout the hour we took the opportunity to answer any questions and shine a light on some of the companies that are truly making a difference from an eco standpoint.
Nissan UK took part in the hour dispelling a myth surrounding its LEAF and what you would call a group of these vehicles. They even challenged us to define the acronym!
Nissan #AutoEco engagement
After engaging with all that took the time to participate in insightful conversations we introduced next week’s task, taking an #AutoEco selfie. This could be you sitting comfy in a new eco car on the forecourt, showing off your eco taxi fleet or simply you doing the recycling at home or snapping a partcularly fuel-efficient journey. Whatever it is that you take we want to see it! Below are our efforts:

#AutoEco selfie Trents
#AutoEco selfie Motorwise
Keep your eyes peeled for all #AutoEco updates by following Charles Trent and Motorwise on Twitter and pencil us in your diary for for this week’s fun! #AutoEco begins at 3pm every Friday and runs for one hour finishing at 4pm.