Start your engines | #AutoEco is coming

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We love getting social. Over the past few months we’ve really immersed ourselves in Twitter and found it to be a great platform to engage with automotive experts and users with a keen eye for all things car.


In light of this we have decided to team up with Motorwise – an online service linking sellers of scrap or unwanted vehicles with licensed vehicle recycling centres throughout the UK – to create a networking hour focused upon environmental issues within the automotive and recycling industries in a fun, informative and engaging way. #AutoEco is born!




Each week we will have a different topic of discussion and we’ll set targets for those taking part to complete to be in for a chance of winning the prestigious #AutoEco cup!


“When will this take place?” we hear you say


#AutoEco will run every Friday afternoon between 3pm and 4pm (GMT) and will kick off (we’ve got World Cup fever) on Friday 13th June.


“How do I take part?”


Simple. In order for us and other Twitter users to see your tweets ensure you use the hashtag #AutoEco throughout the allotted hour. There will be lots of fellow users taking part so feel free to introduce yourselves throughout the hour. After all, that’s what this hour is all about!


“What do I do now?”


Mark your calendars and get following ourselves and Motorwise ready for the big launch and first #AutoEco hour on FRIDAY 13th JUNE! We’ll be tweeting details and the first topic as we draw nearer to the start.


See you on the 13th…