Self-drive speed record? | 149mph Audi hits Hockenheim

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Like it or not self-driving cars are coming. First it was Google announcing plans to ramp up its efforts in research and production in this area and now Audi has forced its way onto the scene. Often thought of as unsafe due to a lack of control self-driving cars have actually been found to be a safe and efficient form of travel, negotiating even the most demanding traffic systems effectively.

Audi RS7 Self-Driving Car 2

Self-driving cars are a bit of an enigma. With so many issues regarding safety and security basic performance is often overlooked. Well, Audi are looking to change that. This week it claims to have produced the “fastest autonomous car on the planet” capable of reaching a reported 149mph. The full-spec RS7 model equipped with 560 bhp lapped Hockenheim in just 1min 57 seconds.

How does a car manage to reach 149mph and navigate a circuit? Simple. it has an enormous number of sensors alongside GPS, digital maps and Audi’s own software which track, adjust and manipulate the driver less vehicle to achieve optimum results. Audi RS7 Self-Driving Car

This ground breaking technology has already caused a massive stir within the auto industry and is a hot topic of conversation. With developments occurring at a faster rate than ever before due to technological advances, we are staring at the future of cars which are fast, attractive and most importantly safe.


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