AEB braking system – future of car safety?

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It is reported that dozens of lives can be saved on Britain’s roads each year if we were to adopt revolutionary braking technology and make it compulsory in all vehicles.

AEB Braking System

AEB – The future of car safety?

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is currently installed in roughly 1/5 of new vehicles yet there is a strong push from road safety campaign groups to make it mandatory for all new vehicles and would make our roads significantly safer.


The system acts like a ‘second driver’ activating the braking system if the driver gets too close to a sharply braking vehicle in front and prevents an accident by enacting the brakes or an emergency stop if necessary. A system of sensors inbuilt into the vehicle are able to read and judge distance and movement and prevent unnecessary accidents that are often due to a lack of attention paid.


With the rise of tech for cars growing day on day this system has been criticised as a tool that encourages heavy reliance on tech and could actually make drivers worse. We already have automated parking which has created issues with insurance claims should the system fail (which sometimes it does).


Would adding AEB braking make people less careful on the road? Could it be that adding AEB makes uses careless and too reliant upon tech when driving? Or, do you think that it is a great system to help save lives on the road as we continue to see an increasing number of new drivers taking to Britain’s roads?


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