Accountant smashes up brand new Fiat 500

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Fiat 500 Smashed


Work can make you do crazy things…like smashing your brand new car in with an AXE!


This may sound a bit far-fetched but it became reality as Spartaco Capon, 35 took to the extreme behaviour after his brand new Fiat 500 wouldn’t start in Northern Italy.


After having grown tired of the unreliable Italian public transport system (it’s not just the UK that suffers) he sought solace in a brand new Fiat 500. The aim was to get to work ahead of time and to stop his boss pulling him up on lateness.


Unfortunately the Fiat wouldn’t fire and it sent Capon into a rage. He meticulously beat every panel and window with an axe like a mad man (think Christian Bale in American Psycho). His neighbours, concerned for the poor 500 called the police fearing it was being vandalised. It turns out it was Capon attacking his own car! It’s not even a case of ‘a bad day at the office’ as his car couldn’t even get him there.


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