‘Vauxhall Cannibals’ scavenging parts to order

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Vauxhall Cannibals - Corsa


Seeing a dismantled Vauxhall Corsa or Astra isn’t out of the ordinary for us. After all, we dismantled over 2,500 of these models in 2014. However, it is alarming to see that there has been a spate of incidents involving Vauxhall parts by thieves dubbed the ‘Vauxhall Cannibals’ in the county of Bedfordshire.


Incidents date back to 2013 and earlier but increased focus has been placed on these incidents following the Crimewatch Roadshow TV programme aired on the BBC on July 1st 2015. Bedfordshire Police announced that in excess of 500 incidents involving the theft of Corsa and Astra parts have occurred since August 2013. In 150 of the 500 cases the vehicle was written off due to the severe depletion of the car through theft.


The thieves typically target vehicles in the early hours of the morning which would provide ample time to remove the part/s required. In some cases the bumper or grill may be removed, however, in more serious incidents the entire front end may be removed as well as doors and other panels as seen in the header image.


Why Bedfordshire? Luton is the home of Vauxhall’s production plant which has been making its vehicles since 1905. As with any area that provides a livelihood for so many there is fierce brand loyalty with a disproportionately high number of Vauxhalls owned in this county. It is believed that the parts are stolen to order for the body repair market delivering the thieves big profits.


Vauxhall Corsa Stripped


Thefts appear to be on the up and spreading which is terrible news. Since April 2015 up to 10 ‘Vauxhall Cannibal’ crimes have been reported each week and have begun to spread to neighbouring county Northamptonshire (not far from our Rugby site).


A bit about us…

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