PickAPart – FAQs

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‘PickAPart’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is PickAPart? PickAPart is a DIY used parts solution with hundreds of cars and vans available at each nationwide site. Vehicles are arranged in rows, on railway sleepers separated by manufacturer. There is no stacking of vehicles to ensure a safe experience in our yards. Bring your own tools to remove the parts you need to fix, replace or improve your car.
 2. Why should I remove parts myself? To make big savings on parts of course. As you do all of the work removing the parts yourself you can enjoy massive savings. By choosing PickAPart you can save up to 90% vs buying the equivalent part new direct from the manufacturer or motor factors.
 3. Do you offer quality parts? Yes. Many vehicles held in the yard have OEM (original) parts which were found on the vehicle when it was first manufactured.
 4. What happens if I have a problem with a PickAPart car part (such as it not working or not fitting correctly)? If you have a problem with any part purchased in our PickAPart yard you can return it within 30 days of purchase for an exchange or store credit.
 5. Why do you charge for entry into the yard? Put simply, we have the cleanest and best managed DIY vehicle part yards in the UK. In order to maintain these excellent standards we have to charge £1.20 to offset these costs.
 6. Why are some parts subject to a surcharge? We are experts in vehicle recycling. To ensure that we recycle as many parts as possible a surcharge is added to a number of parts at the point of purchase. If you return your original part to us with a till receipt we will refund you the surcharge amount.
 7. I need to remove a part that I cannot easily access. What can I do? We have a team of forklifts operating in the PickAPart yard that can move vehicles and place them upon racking for removal if this is required. This service is offered free of charge. Simply ask at the counter and our team will help.
 8. How can I see what vehicles are available in the PickAPart yard? You can see images and descriptions for all of our stocks by clicking here. Alternatively click to see stocks for Poole, Nottingham and Rugby respectively. You can also see vehicles that will be heading into your local yard in the near future here.
 9. I can’t find a vehicle match by searching or using the registration lookup. What can I do? There are many parts which are common throughout a number of different makes and models. Our front counter staff can lookup our stocks to find a suitable match from another vehicle when you visit us. Alternatively, contact your local yard and our experts can help you source the part you need. We recycle over 40,000 vehicles a year meaning that stocks change daily. If a part is unavailable it is highly likely that we’ll have a match available in the very near future.
10. What are you opening hours? Our nationwide PickAPart yards open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday. During the winter months when visibility is low access to the yard may be limited after 4pm in the interests of health and safety.