This car is built from half a million LEGO pieces and boasts a mental 256 cylinder air compressed engine

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LEGO car powered by air


Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed genius with 500,000 LEGO pieces? Here’s the result! The world’s first full scale LEGO car that runs on an amazing air powered engine comprised of…yup…LEGO. We struggle enough to build a LEGO house with colour matching bricks let alone comprehend the amount of work that went into this project.


The idea for the build called the ‘Super Awesome Micro Project’ was conceived in Melbourne, Australia by marketing whizz Steve Sammartino and crafted in Romania by 20 year-old Raul Oaida. It took 20 months to put together the car brick by brick using 500,000 pieces in all. It must be noted that significant load bearing components, as well as the wheels, tyres and gauges were comprised of regular car parts.

LEGO car being built

The car won’t get you across town too quickly, it has a top speed just shy of 20mph. It may go quicker but the owners wouldn’t want to risk covering the roads in black and yellow bricks as it collapses under the strain.


We are most interested in the mental 256 cylinder air compressed engine that is a triumph of LEGO. It may lack punch but it more than makes up for it in technical awesomeness to drool over. The engine is powered by a radial engine – in which each cylinder works together in a star formation driving power to a central crank shaft – that boasts a compressed air canister to encourage propulsion. Although it mimics a traditional radial engine performance is limited as any heat generated risks destroying the engine.

LEGO radial engine



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