What is an ATF? | Myth busting with Charles Trent

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We have a proud history of delivering affordable used parts solutions and vehicle recycling services since our company was founded way back in 1926. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible services taking advantage of industry-leading expertise and having the environment in mind at all times as we undertake core processes.


ATF myth busting



However, we have found that many consumers are unaware or misinformed as to what running an operation such as ours entails. First and foremost the abbreviation ATF stands for Authorised Treatment Facility. This means that we recycle all manner of vehicles from site and have to meet government standards to continue operating. We’re far ahead of government targets! We are required to hold ALL required local licenses and memberships to operate in the area.


We have put together this article to dispel some myths that exist in the vehicle recycling industry and give you a fun insight into the nature of our operation. Let’s get started:


1. s̶c̶r̶a̶p̶ ̶y̶a̶r̶d̶  Breaker yard

Everyone is keen to tar us with the scrap yard brush. This isn’t necessarily wrong as scrapping vehicles is a core function of our operation. However, times have changed. The words scrap yard give connotations of cars piled up, a messy operation and a general disregard for health and safety. THIS ISN’T US!


We run a revolutionary breaker yard with no vehicle stacking, spotless yards and sites that hold health and safety of paramount importance.  We can guarantee that once you’ve visited one of our sites in Nottingham, Rugby & Poole you’ll see for yourself the difference between a breaker yard and a scrap yard.


Charles Trent Nottingham PickAPart yard


2. Dogs on the loose!

For whatever reason (or perhaps through watching too many 90s American movies) it seems that snarling angry dogs are omnipresent on ATF sites. This simply isn’t true.


Putting dogs on our site would dissuade you from visiting. As a business this kind of goes against what we are about! As a result you’ll be pleased to know there are no dogs on site. Well you might encounter one like this now and again…


Sleepy Snowie


3. Barbed wire everywhere!

If you ask anybody to describe a scrap yard it’s likely that barbed wire will come up in top three of answers given. It seems apparent that people are preconceived with the idea that barb wire emanates from everywhere providing an environment not too dissimilar to a prison.


NOT US! Well we do need barbed wire to prevent our sites at night and the awesome parts we have but we have welcoming open sites that encourage you to come in and visit, not drive by in fear that something dastardly is going on. This leads us to…


4. Criminality

Eastenders and gangland movies don’t help with public perception of operations such as ours. If you see murder, crime and corruption taking place in a yard it will lead you to question the true motives of ATFs and bring into question a criminal underbelly.


Eastenders scrapyard


We ARE guilty of one crime.


Criminally low prices! (Sorry we couldn’t avoid putting that in). We pride ourselves on offering up to 90% off used car and van parts making us a much more affordable option than going back to the manufacturer or using a local motor factors. Our prices are fixed and transparent. Regardless of the vehicle you need parts for you are guaranteed a great fixed price in our PickAPart yards.


Myths busted! You can now rest easy and be assured that when you visit us you will receive the best service possible from an industry-leading ATF.  Industry-leading processes and expertise help us deliver the best used part services around so contact us now if you’re in need of parts!